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The Marios Giannakis Lab for Translational Colorectal Cancer Research

Dr. Giannakis is a medical oncologist and clinical investigator at Dana-Farber’s Gastrointestinal Cancer Center.  He conducts research at Dana-Farber and at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard to understand the molecular mechanisms of colorectal cancer formation and develop novel targeted and immune-based treatments for gastrointestinal cancers.    His areas of research expertise include genomic, immunogenomic, integrative molecular epidemiology and functional studies of colorectal cancer, as well as the design and execution of innovative early-phase clinical trials.  Dr. Giannakis’ laboratory is focused on the identification of novel cancer gene drivers in colorectal cancer, the elucidation of tumor-immune cell interactions and the discovery of prognostic and predictive biomarkers in this disease.

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